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Thorough evaluation is never compromised in the recruitment and selection process at CSG. Our fully trained recruitment teams carry out strict verification procedures, which is fully compliant with current labour legislation. We understand that a company is only as successful as its human resources. Our commitment to service excellence is worthless unless it is supported by our staff members – the need for skilled, well-articulated and professional employees which is why we always ensure thorough checks on all employees.


In addition to skills, experience (previous employment history) and character referencing, we also conduct the following tests on all our employees via MIE, an external service provider:

Due to the size of our operation at any given time, formal recruitment procedures are carried out on a continuous basis which provides us the ability to continually expand our database. CSG embraces local community recruitment initiatives and where this is not possible, we make use of mainstream media as well as online recruitment portals to source candidates.

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Due to the size of our operation at any given time, formal sourcing, screening and recruitment procedures are carried out on an ongoing, daily basis and CSG has the ability to continually expand its database. We ensure that a fully vetted repository of standby employees is available at the disposal of your organisation at all times. We currently have in excess of 10 000 candidates on our database.


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